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How does it work?

Unique and exotic sports teams work with the Friendship League to develop a range of products that they think will resonate with their fans. Once the team is happy with the designs, teams set their prices and we get the production line ready for orders. After the orders have been processed, we send the teams their earnings!

How are teams chosen?

Our criteria for inclusion in the shop is as follows:

  • A significant social development goal must be attached to the team
  • Teams must be not-for-profit (de facto, formal registration not required)
  • Representatives must possess the exclusive rights to market their merchandise

If a team submission meets these three criteria, we will determine if the team also meets our communities’ expectations for uniqueness and storylines. If it does, there’s a good chance that you’ll see the team in the Friendship Shop!

What is the breakdown of proceeds?

Once an order is placed, the cost of manufacturing is deducted from the purchase price. Proceeds are then split 70/30 between the relevant team (70) and the Friendship League (30). The 30% retained by the Friendship League covers logistical, administrative and marketing costs.

How are prices set?

While we offer guidance to teams about setting appropriate prices, final decisions are up to the teams themselves. Prices listed are determined solely by team representatives based on their needs as an organization. Sale prices and discounts must be explicitly authorized by team representatives prior to listing.

Does the Friendship League tell teams how the money can be spent?

No, teams are free to spend their earnings as they please. Prior to listing a team in the Friendship Shop, we will assess the teams operations, management styles and program aspirations. If it’s determined that the team operates in accordance with the spirit of the Friendship League, we will not place any restrictions on the funds. We retain the right to remove teams from the Friendship Shop if we feel that their operations are no longer in line with our core principles, however, we make no guarantees or representations that we will be able to do so in a timely manner in every case. You are encouraged to conduct your own research into teams prior to making a purchase through the Friendship Shop.

How can I get my team in the Friendship Shop?

If you think that your team meets our criteria for inclusion, we would love to hear from you! Reach out to for more information!